Full step by step explanation

Our fresh flowers ship direct from our growers directly to you! That means the flowers you receive are fresher than those from traditional florists. Your flowers may arrive in bud form, giving you the chance to see them brilliantly bloom before your very eyes. Once your flowers arrive it may take up to 4 days for your flowers to bloom to maturity.

Step One Cut the fastener band that is securing your bouquet into the box -this can be done with any pair of household scissors.

Step Two

Fill a vase 3/4 full with fresh warm water. Add the provided KaBloom Flower Food.

Step Three

Remove the protective floral tissue.

Step Four

If your bouquet shipped with Bloom2O, a hydration balloon covering the bottom of your bouquet, cut the stems at an angle at least one inch above the balloon. Some flowers do not require Bloom2O and for these arrangements cut the stems at an angle at least one inch from the bottom of the stem.

Step Five

If necessary, remove the outside protective petals (no more than 1 or 2). These petals were intentionally left on to protect your flowers during shipment.

Step Six

Remove all of the foliage and leaves that falls below the water line. Cut the bottom of the stems at least one inch under warm running water with a shears, scissors, or sharp knife. Place the flowers in the vase, fluff out your bouquet and enjoy!

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